Oh! So Solid Blue Agave
Oh! So Solid Blue Agave
Oh! So Solid Blue Agave
Oh! So Solid Blue Agave
Oh! So Solid Blue Agave
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Oh! So Solid Blue Agave

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Built with a 3mm rip and fray-proof, high-strength polyester weave this set is both beautiful and durable.

The exquisite rust-proof brass buckle and hardware will make this most durable leash and collar you have even owned.

Water & Odor-proof, you can take it anywhere. If necessary, this set is specifically designed to be used in the rain, snow, or even at the beach. It remains flexibility in cold weather (remains soft & flexible to -20 degrees F). Never soggy, never stinky, odor-free no matter how much dirt and mud your dog loves to play in.

Available in 3 distinguished colors

This 3 piece set includes:

one dog collar
one dog leash

one waste bag holder (size: 4.5*2.5*2.2 inch)


Extra Small

Collar: Length: 9"-12.6"(23cm-32cm)  Width:0.79"(2.0cm)     

Leash:  Length: 47.6"(121cm) Width:0.79"(2.0cm)


Collar:   Length: 9"-12.6"(23cm-32cm) Width:0.98"(2.5cm)

Leash: Length: 47.6"(121cm) Width:0.79"(2.0cm)


Collar:  Length: 11"-16.9"(28cm-43cm) Width: 0.98"(2.5cm)

Leash:  Length: 59.8"(152cm) Width:0.79"(2.0cm)


Collar: Length: 13"-20.5"(33.02cm-52cm) Width: 0.98"(2.5cm)

Leash: Length:59.8"(152cm) Width:0.79"(2.0cm)

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