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Midnight Dreams

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Luxury meets durability with our Velvet Dreams series walking collars, leashes + harnesses. Velvet fabric gives the collar a extremely soft and smooth texture, and it's colorfast. Meanwhile, the strong cotton webbing on the inside, which imparts durability to the collar and leash.

Collar & Leash Sizing

Collar: Width: 4/5" Length: 10-16"

Leash: Width: 4/5" Length: 4.4ft


Collar: Width: 1" Length: 12-22"

Leash: Width: 1"Length: 5ft 


Collar: Width: 1.2" Length: 16-24"

Leash: Width: 1"Length: 5ft 


We highly recommend measuring your dog to ensure an accurate fit. The collar, itself, does not stretch. Please measure around the neck and leave only 2 fingers between collar and your pet.

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