Cloudy Day Artisan Leash
Blue Iphigenia

Cloudy Day Artisan Leash

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ReRope creates remarkably durable and sustainably entwined pet products. The Girl's Best Friend leash is just one example of the exquisite craftsmanship this company is known for.  Hand knotted, this leash is approximately 1" in thickness. 

ReRope eco-positive pet leashes transform upcycled textile remnants into sustainably entwined colorful rope creations. ReRope offers thousands of thoughtfully curated, limited edition color combinations. 


-All ReRope products use hand-knotting techniques of splicing and whipping to enhance strength and durability.

-Handmade in the USA - Des Moines, IA

-Created using durable, sustainable material that still allows for a comfortable stretch resistance. 

- Available in 4ft or 6ft

-Reduce your furry footprint with ReRope - Sustainably entwined pet products. 

Sustainable, durable pet products never looked so good!

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